Focusing and Empathic Communication

in El Salvador


Generating a Culture of Peace

In September, Melba Jiménez, Heazel Martinez and Beatrice Blake gave a daylong workshop in Generating a Culture of Peace to 14 members of CLAMOR, a dance group in Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango. Heazel is making plans to return to La Nueva, to help them practice Focusing and Listening.

Eeq’Anil sponsors Level 2 Focusing training for youth workers in El Salvador

Eeq’Anil (the Way of the Seed) is an innovative organization devoted to providing training and self-care to the people who work on the front lines of the youth crisis in El Salvador. These beautiful people had taken Generating a  Culture of Peace online, and were able to easily següe into 3 days of Focusing partnership practice.


Teaching Focusing and Listening combined with Empathic

Communication empowers people to

reduce stress and conflict,

and to get in touch with their own

forward movement

and creative thinking.

Check out Yara’s story!

Yara Jiménez, President of Nuevos Rumbos, has written a great article on the TFI website about her experiences leading Resilience Circles in the village of Buen Pastor. There are also some lovely quotes from the women there about what the Resilience Circles mean to them. We have had to stop going to the villages of Buen Pastor, Hector Lara and William Fuentes because we needed to respond to requests from other communities.

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